Learn about the risk of coronavirus infection according to each activity

14 public health experts from the Texas Medical Association were in charge of classifying different daily actions, according to the risk of contracting COVID-19 that they represent.

By MiamiDiario Editorial Staff

“It’s a chart made for Texas, USA, but it works for other countries. You have to consider the differences in each place, but there are also many similarities,” said Dr. John Carlo, one of the TMA members who participated in the creation of the chart.

The classification from 1 (less risky) to 10 (more risk) follows the following criteria:

  • Whether the activities are performed indoors or outdoors
  • Proximity to other people
  • Time of exposure to the virus
  • The possibility of following prevention practices (such as the use of masks)
  • The risk of a person becoming contaminated by performing the action

To carry out the study, doctors considered that citizens wear the face mask and maintain a distance of at least two meters between people and wash their hands whenever possible.

According to Carlo, “this is the point of view of a group of physicians who had to answer how these activities compare in terms of risk. But only the person himself can know the conditions in which he is going to practice the activity and determine the total risk.”






With information from BBC

Translated by: Aleuzenev Nogales



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