Good news! New life-saving symptom of COVID discovered at University of Miami

Good news has come to the international medical community.  At the University of Miami, they discovered a new symptom of COVID that could save lives in Miami.

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This weekend a new symptom of the Wuhan coronavirus was known thanks to a 67-year-old patient who arrived at Jackson Hospital with an acute thrombosis in his arm and tested positive for the coronavirus, reported Univisión

This fact was analyzed by the doctors and they believe that they could be a possible symptom of this dangerous virus.

The main symptoms of coronavirus that health authorities have detected are fever, loss of smell and taste, and breathing difficulties.

Now, a group of physicians from the University of Miami have published an article on this 67-year-old patient. They assured that he arrived at Jackson Hospital with a previously undetected symptom of COVID-19.

Dr. Jorge Rey, chief of vascular surgery at the University of Miami, explained, “We recently published an article in which we found the first patient who presented without any symptoms of COVID-19, in addition to having a thrombosis in his arm.”

Rey said that with this case they are already clear that this is a disease that, despite being respiratory, can cause problems with clotting. This aspect was not very clear when the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic began.

Based on this finding, doctors were able to determine that the use of anticoagulant and anti-inflammatory medications, such as corticosteroids, help patients to have a better evolution after catching COVID-19.

Translated by: Aleuzenev Nogales

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